Streamline insurance claims overview

Streamline claims

Insurance adjusters and home owners with limited experience can generate
detailed estimates.

Estimates can be shared with pros and insurance companies and approved
before being sent out for tender.

Document claim

Build estimates and document claims easily.

Even untrained home owners can use this intuitive dashboard. Adjusters can
work in conjunction with home owners.

Example of success

3 feet water

The home in question had it basement filled with 3 feet of water for over 1
week, despite pumps and sandbags.

The water was a mix of sewage and river water. Not ideal for walls and

Create estimate

Building estimates starts with selecting construction objects.

Once objects are created, individual items and tasks can be assigned.

Post options

Users can post projects to pros they know or use the Pogo.Pro database of
registered pros.

Pros are rated by users and certifications are verified.

Rapid turnaround

Once the estimate was in the system it took 2 days to mobilise resources
and one week to demolish and decontaminate the site.

Contact Pogo.Pro

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claims process contact

Be sure to see our tutorials and learn more about how the process works by
accessing our help section.

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